Contemplating My Dominion…

I’m working on an agreement with my buddy Josh about him hosting my blog. Currently, this blog is all through (great service), but it has its limitations. If I switch over to my own hosting, not only will I be able to embed any damn thing I want, but I can also start toying with other advertising or similar pro-profit bits.
Actually, I’m probably going to do it anyway. What I’ve rattled around in my head is whether to change the domain name. is fine enough, because it is me (though it reads more like e-flat fryer, which isn’t so bad because it’s a mode away from c minor and that is totally so powa~).

However, being The Fry Side, but the url not matching, to me seems a little incongruous. I think the next step in the debate is this: do I go with or Both are available (until someone notices and feels like reaming me). Or do I just leave all as is and quietly migrate to a new host?

By the way, any and all of this means next to nothing for my dear readership, because I plan to leave the site as clean cut as possible. All my previous posts will move over, and will redirect wherever I so rule. It is my domain, and I will forever maintain dominion over my realm!

But seriously folks, any input? You’re my loyal reader base (most through genetic relations, or in Ken’s case, brain damage).

Thanks, Will Shortz. I very much enjoy crossword puzzles.