Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese…

Damn it all, I can hardly believe I blew December already. I had it completely set to do a post a day, even on weekends this time.
For some reason, I woke up Thursday feeling sick to my stomach, but not from a migraine or anything. I got the kids up and out the door then promptly came home and fell back to sleep. I think I went to bed on time that night.

Friday morning I’m feeling fine again and went about my day. Work was good. Wrapping up a couple projects and lining up a couple more for the next week makes a smooth transition between weeks.

Evening at home was good. I concocted a seared turkey and linguine alfredo (look at me trying to sound impressive) dinner out of the remaining Thanksgiving leftovers. The lad earned an extended bedtime for good behavior. We played a little Wii until my eyes felt really strained, as they tend to do after a day of working with computers anyway.

After 8:00, he was in bed and I started reading more of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest on Thanksgiving break. I originally planned to finish it over break too, but young children take away daytime reading opportunities. After only a few minutes of being curled up on the couch with the book, my eye strain came back in force.

The book is a cheap reprinting, so the text is not physically clear to begin with, but I was a little floored by how much work it was to keep my eyes able to see what was on the page. Along with a sweeping wave of exhaustion, I decided to get up and lay down in bed. By 8:30, I was out cold and didn’t get up until the next morning.

Then I was completely fine. Yesterday was spent attacking my whole house. Almost every room is completely cleaned now. I have just some vacuuming to do. I ran errands, did some minor repairs, did numerous loads of laundry. Dad, you’d be proud: I made a list of everything I needed to do. Crossing them off as I went was very satisfying.

Why did I go nuts trying to get the house cleaned? Well, being the grinch that I am, I decided that I wasn’t going to bring out any Christmas decorations (least of all a tree) until everything else was cleared out of our living room. And damnit, I want my Christmas to start already! I’ve been wrapping presents as soon as we buy them, following the advice of a gift wrapping station that I set up in my bedroom. Those presents need to be prominently displayed and ogled by my children over the coming weeks for the sake of tradition if nothing else.

Last night M and I stayed up for a while. Sometime before midnight, the baby woke up and decided that since the evening was nice and quiet, she ought to scream it up a while. So the little lady came out to join us as we finished our show. Then the lass decided she wanted to play with the computer and I figured what the heck, could be fun.

I opened up a new little text document, and she just went to town. She was so proud of herself for smacking the keyboard and drooling on the trackpad (may sound gross, but since I eat at my computer all the time, nothing worries me anymore; Macs are really durable, I’ve found.) She would even holler at me when I pulled her back to bring up her document again after she had opened up other programs. So now I may present my daughter’s first blog post, “Untitled…

Thanks, sweet slumber, even when you give me trippy dreams.