Kids Fix – ‘Twas a Holiday

More pictures, from the current month even!
From April 8th.

Happy Easter! Have a scimitar.

Good plan on the Easter Bunny’s part. Thanks dude.

And a Happy Easter from Tyrone Biggums, Esq.


Chocolate = win. Always.

So’s that smile.

Time to rock some cool shades from the goodie basket.

Lookin’ good.

But some people are far too cool for the room.


The kids were on fire with the expressions that morning. Here’s Emily posing for her Senior Portrait.

Yup, more leg than Dad would approve of there, at any age.

Actually, I could see him doing this for a portrait too.

While the lad got up rather early and rampaged the house, we did get some shots of the Lass hunting eggs.



Then later that day, on to Grandma’s for lunch and more fun.

I don’t remember what she’s looking at, but she’s definitely a doll.

Cousins. I’m still amazed how alike they look.

Auntie with the brand new baby cousin.


Now counting, but not quite all there.

Oh the expressions.

And the hunt continues…


And the look I get when taking pictures of her.

Or saying something to the kids.

Or saying anything at all.

Or breathing.

I do love her so!