The @ebfryer Twitter Feed for 2012-04-01

  • @leannrose I've never been more proud to be your big brother! RT "Someone should open an ice cream shop called Legend Dairy." in reply to leannrose #
  • I think my kids are officially conspiring against me. If I go into Twitter silence, there's been a Fryer coup d'état. Best to just flee. #
  • If being a writer involves writing puns using the Dairy Queen menu, I want in. #
  • Sonorous Synonymity. #
  • "We need to go to Fun Fest Park. It's very far away. In Mexicota!" #
  • Time to pwn Thursday night! #BigCHANGTheory8pmNBC is the way to go! #TeamAbed  #TeamTroy #
  • Enter to win a pair of limited edition LEGO Moleskine Notebooks #OfficeSupplyGeek @LEGO_Group #
  • We need a catchy phrase for recharging akin to "Be Kind, Rewind." "Don't be a bitch, recharging's a cinch!" Only, you know, better. #
  • Ever get into bed and realize you left your book across the room? Yeah, I try to use the Force too. #