Rattling Around…

I don’t know whether to be proud or afraid after my last post. Nice to know my fan base, if it can so be called, is brutally honest.
I’ve had lots of things rattling around in my mind as of late, and I’ve been bouncing around my house like a madman. Over the long weekend, I tore into my house. I moved lots of furniture, and we moved the little lady into her room. She’s gotten too big for her bassinet and has been sleeping in her crib for a week now. We’re beyond lucky that she has not put up a fuss about where she sleeps at all. The bassinet is now dismantled and waiting to be either borrowed or stored.

Moving her into her room meant the wife and I got to reclaim our own room, which is wonderful. Granted, I felt bad that our little girl was all alone in the dark of her room, but I think the peace of less clutter in our own space helps calm all of us. I did some furniture shuffling in our room to get all my possessions into a single area so I’m not walking around the bed between grabbing my wallet and grabbing my belt. Of course, all that means I’m still relegated to my six by six foot space. Marriage sure is funny.

I also juggled around the living room. I took out the very ugly book shelf (the ‘naughty shelf’ as some know it) and moved it downstairs. I also moved the glider into the vacant space in our room. This opened up the living room a lot. It looks quite sparse due to the lack of an ugly shelf against the wall, but we’ll soon fill that with a long quilt rack that will have a quilt rotation of about a century at the rate Gram is going (love you, Mom!)

Downstairs has remained relatively unchanged. I plan on moving out the exercise bike and the increasingly foul-looking blue chair that we picked up off the side of the road when we moved in. To replace these, I have the love seat that matches the couch and ottoman already down there, so all will be well in the end.

Part of all this moving has stemmed from my own frustrations about my home. Since before the baby arrived, it had become increasingly cluttered with no cure in sight. So now that I’ve been home for a month, I think it finally got to me. I’ve been moving and cleaning and sorting.

At least one good thing has come out of it: I’ve starting working toward running every other day. It makes for a nice way to easily get out of the house and into my own head for forty minutes. I just put on my running shoes and head out the door. I am not quite up for running the whole time yet, but I’m working on a progression of walking and running. Every week I do more running and less walking in between short runs. Eventually I will be doing solid time, probably by the end of the summer. Only tricky part has been my iPod shuffle coming unclipped while I’m running. At least it’s there and it gives me the chance to dig into some music while I’m out, another thing I’ve severely lacked since moving out here.

Change is in the air, folks. Also, around here, the smell of grilled meat and fireworks. For in the Midwest, fireworks don’t happen on the 4th; it’s a season.