Some People Bother Me…

My wife has come to watch the hit reality series (aren’t they all?) “So You Think You Can Dance”. I don’t much mind. I’m not a connoisseur of dance, but it’s neat to see all the elements out there. And it’s nice to see a reality show out to progress and encourage people to better their art.
The biggest downside? There is this judge. This woman always sits in the middle. Big hair. Glittery outfits. Only shouts. Southern. Screams every chance she gets. Never anything constructive to say.

Given these clues, what is she?

Give up?

C’mon, I think it’s obvious.


Oh, also on this show, the British hostess (for finding American talent, bloody ridiculous) is terrible too. But not as horrendous as asking for money for Christ’s followers to have more hairspray.